You can get your full (category A) motorcycle licence using the direct access scheme (DAS) if you’re aged 24 or over. You’ll have to pass the motorcycle practical tests on a machine of at least 40 kW (53.6 bhp).

Taking direct access means you’ll have a full motorcycle licence without previously holding a licence for a smaller bike for two years – you’ll have no restriction on the size of machine you can ride.

While you’re practising for direct access, you can use any size of motorbike bigger than a learner motorbike but you must

  • Be accompanied by a qualified approved trainer riding another motorbike and in radio contact with you
  • Wear fluorescent or reflective safety clothing while you’re being supervised
  • Have L plates (D plates in Wales) fitted both front and rear
  •  Follow the provisional licence restrictions

If you think DAS could be the best way for you to get your licence, give
Shire Oak Motorcycle Training a call on
01543 361355 or 07496 463069
and speak to one of our friendly staff about it

Module 1

The Module one test is conducted on a large off-road  area, it comprises eleven exercises which are all designed to assess your machine handling capabilities.

Module 2

Module two  consists of preliminary eye sight check, some motorcycle safety and balance questions, followed by a 35- 40 minute practical road ride,  you will be followed by an examiner who is in radio contact with you to provide directional information.