We are most commonly asked two questions:

1. How much will it cost to get my licence?

2. How long will it take to get my licence?


 The answers are, like most motoring-related questions; “It Depends!”

Hopefully the tables below will give you an idea as to how much it is likely to cost to obtain the necessary sections of training certification, which will apply in many cases.  As to the actual total number of training sessions, and elapsed time it may take to achieve passes at all levels, that will very much depend on the individual.

We do not run ‘intensive’ courses at Shireoak, simply because we do not believe those formats of training are conducive to producing the safest riding technique, as well as sufficient training to be able to demonstrate adequate skills at examination.  Most people find it much better to have breaks of at least 2 days in between sessions, as more of the information taught will ‘stick’, providing the customer with the best value for their money, as well as being better equipped to handle a larger machine correctly and safely.

Our CBT cost includes up to 7.5 hours of CBT training, whether you are experienced and can complete the training within a single day, or new to biking where we urge you to consider our student-focussed approach to riding by splitting the CBT syllabus into two sessions. 

There is a lot to take in for people who are new to motorcycling, and as the CBT culminates with a minimum of two hours of road riding, it is far better and safer for students if they tackle this only if experienced, or ‘fresh’ by splitting the training over two visits.  During your first part of the CBT, our instructors will assess your abilities and if needs be, instruct you on the bike of your choice or the one most suited to you.  If it is felt that you require additional instruction, it can be carried out in a separate interim session and only cost the discounted pro-rata rate over and above the base CBT costs. 

In this way, all trainees completing a split-CBT, no matter how experienced they are, will be of a minimum standard when attending for their part 2 CBT.  This also benefits all trainees in the form of either not being under pressure in front of other more experienced riders on the one hand, or experienced riders not having their day of training extended unnecessarily on the other.  As already mentioned, there is a lot to cover on a CBT day, and it can be both mentally and physically taxing for novice riders.

We have found that this separation of training ensures all of our CBT days run smoothly for all our trainees, meaning far fewer requirements (and the expense to the trainee) of re-visits being needed.

Costs Breakdown


Compulsory Basic Training

CBT Prices Include a Pre-CBT session of up to 2hrs


 Training, including Bike Hire




 Gear Hire, per item (i.e. Helmet and Gloves are 2 items) – subject to availability,
 so please ask when booking.




 Additional 2hr Mid-CBT, if required




 Re-visit Fee, if required (part day)






DAS Lessons

All of our lessons are ‘pay as you go’


 Standard 2hr DAS Lesson




 Incremental 1hr pro-rata DAS lesson (to add on to a Standard Lesson)




 OLD-style MOD1 (MMA) 3hr lesson (at one of the DVSA test centres,
DVSA Fee of £31.00 also applies)




 NEW-style MOD1 (MMA), meet at test centre to practise, cost is per half hour
 which includes the bike hire, minimum 1hr.


  2.5  MOD2 Test Assessment 2.5hr £110.00


Test Costs

Test Element

Trainer & Bike




NOTE: DVSA Fees are only refundable if cancelled more than three working days in advance.














MOD2 On road




Example costs for CBT to Full Licence

For someone who is already very comfortable on a motorcycle to complete full licence training, aged 24+, will require, as a minimum, the following training:

Training Item

Minimum Cost

Item Number




DAS 1st Lesson



DVSA Theory Test



MMA Lesson*

£70.00 - £110

2.3 / 2.4

DAS Road Lesson



MOD1 Test



MOD2 Test




£776 - £816


* MOD1 (MMA) Lessons will take two formats from now on. One is the traditional way of a 3.5hr road/MMA combination, to include 1hr of DVSA MMA test-site practise at a DVSA test centre, and the other is to meet an instructor there and take instruction from 1hr slots on one of our bikes, incrementing by 30 minutes as requested.

 For a variety of reasons, additional costs may be incurred at Items 1, 2 and 3, dependant on how the rider progresses. Typically, this would add between £180 and £270 to the cost of training. Failing tests is the most costly element, for obvious reasons, but we wouldn’t allow you to present yourself for examination if we hadn’t trained you and seen you riding competently already, meaning all our students are always more than capable of passing the relevant tests before they are booked onto them.


* Prices correct as of Wednesday 1st June 2022. Prices are subject to change for a variety of reasons, so it is always best to check with us before planning your training.