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Here you will find links to training material that Shire Oak Motorcycle Training considers useful (see * below);

The Official Highway Code

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Know your Traffic Signs

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Practice Theory Tests

Practice Theory Tests

Unfortunatley Safe motorcycling is not this simple

Theory tests are not conducted by Shire Oak Motorcycle Training.
If you click book now you will be taken to the Government website which will open in a new window

Book a Theory Test

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To book a theory test you will need to have to hand your:

    UK driving licence number

    Email address
You will have to book by phone if you don’t have one

    Credit or debit card

The motorcycle test costs £23.

*As the above material is provided by third parties Shire Oak Motorcycle Training will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors
youare always advised to check that you are studying the latest revision available

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